Genesis Page Templates in a subdirectory

A really organized life

I'm currently building a custom theme/site that has LOTS of page templates. I find that to be the easiest way to make really intricate pages to my custom sites. For more info on how to create a page template, Carrie Dils already has a nice tutorial here. My issue was that I had so many page templates that it was making my custom child theme feel really bloated and disorganized. I tweeted about how I wished I could put my page templates in a subdirectory in my theme and Justin Sainton came to … [Read more...]

Styles for Genesis now fully supports 9 themes

Magazine Pro Customizer

Big news for Styles users today. The Styles - Genesis add-on that was released a few weeks ago has already jumped to version 2.0 and includes FULL support for 9 themes (as of now). Now fully supports these Genesis child themes Epik Executive Pro Going Green Pro Magazine Pro Metro Pro Minimum Pro News Pro Parallax Pro Sixteen Nine Pro We're actively working on support for more themes as well. Let us know which ones you'd like to see! Basic support for all Genesis … [Read more...]

How to customize any Genesis child theme without code

Styles - Genesis

If I recall correctly, it's been just over a year since I released my first batch of Styles add-ons for Genesis.  At first, I didn't know what to expect. I mean, Genesis is a developer tool, right? Aren't the only people using Genesis developers and coders?  Boy, was I wrong. The Genesis Framework is so powerful and so well coded that it was only a matter of time before it caught the attention of just about everyone in the WordPress community.  Non-developers looking to manage their own website … [Read more...]

Connect Coda 2 MySQL with SiteGround databases

Coda 2 Homepage

This morning I had to do some heavier editing of database tables, so I wanted to take the opportunity to test the MySQL editor that's built in to Coda 2. It's actually really simple, you just need to know exactly what to input into each field, and where to find that info. First off... if you don't use SiteGround (aff), I consider it the best bang for hosting WordPress websites. SiteGround Settings and Setup Step 1: Login to your SiteGround account Step 2: Go to "My Accounts" then … [Read more...]

Why I love Easy Digital Downloads, HINT – it’s not just because it works well

Easy Digital Downloads banner

I've been using Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) for a while now. I love it. Chances are, you already know about it. Chances are, if you've used it (or any of Pippin's plugins) you love it too. It's a really, really, really well built plugin that does exactly what it says, right out of the box. FOR FREE. Yep, there's an add-on for that Easy Digital Downloads is not feature heavy by default, and by design. Unlike other e-commerce plugins for WordPress, EDD doesn't bloat it's fundamental purpose by … [Read more...]

Customize the Genesis Executive Pro Theme without touching a line of code

Executive Theme customizer

In lieu of my recent announcement about the release of Styles add-ons for Genesis, I'm trying to keep up with steady release of 2.0 ready (and HTML5) themes from Studiopress. Executive Pro Theme from Studiopress Executive is a very popular child theme and a lot of people have been anxiously awaiting the HTML5 version to be released. Though the looks haven't changed much, if at all, the real power is under the hook... but you already knew that didn't you? Styles add-on for Executive Pro The … [Read more...]

Styles add-ons for Genesis themes now available

Genesis and Styles logo

There's a promo video at the bottom of this post for those that don't care to read ;) We are pleased to announce the release of our add-ons (plugins) for Genesis 2.0 child themes. The Styles Plugin by Brainstorm Media is an innovative new plugin that allows easy and fast style customizations of WordPress themes via WordPress's own customizer. View our Styles add-ons Non-coders rejoice! If you are a non-coder but like the speed, security, designs, etc of Studiopress and the Genesis … [Read more...]

Sneak Peak of the new “Latent” child theme for Genesis 2.0

Latent - Genesis Child Theme sneak peak

EDIT: Latent is available now! As some of my Twitter and Google + followers already know, I'm near completion of my first premium child theme built on the Genesis Framework (affiliate link). This theme is a cleaner and more refined version of The Stiz Recording Studio's website... plus it's built on Genesis 2.0. I'm not sure if I'll put a theme shop on this website, team up with some other colleagues of mine who are also getting in the theme game, or launch a separate site … [Read more...]

Use WP_Query To Alter The Posts Per Page Of A Custom Taxonomy Term Archive Of A Custom Post Type

Wow, that title got me all dizzy. It's okay though, it's not that complicated, right? I just wanted to get this posted before I forgot what I did and where I did it. Since I use custom post types and custom taxonomies quite a bit, I need to reference this code quite a bit. On the current site I'm working on, here's what I have: Custom post type: Portfolio ( 'portfolio' ) Custom taxonomy: Portfolio Categories ( 'portfolio_cat' ) Portfolio category term archive: Media Analyst ( … [Read more...]