WordPress Website Design & Development

Today, more than ever, your website is often the only thing between you and a potential client, customer, fan, member or user. Your website design represents, expresses, and sells you.

Whether you need a fully custom website, customizations to a Studiopress Genesis child theme, or your customizing a theme with our Styles add-ons, a professional and high quality website will change how users view and interact with your company, business, organization, group or self.

The Stiz Media will display your content and material in a fresh, functional and organized fashion to keep your users intrigued while giving them the information they want and need. We can offer custom functionality to help solve workflow issues that may be costing you unnecessary time and money.

From the blog

Front end post editing with ACF Pro

Front End Post Editing with Advanced Custom Fields Pro

This is a continuation of front end posting with ACF Pro to allow editing of posts on the front end. We will use acf_form() for the post fields, and use Sidr for the slide out menu to hold our form. There's a video of the final outcome at the end of this post. I'm using a custom Genesis child theme, but you can modify the code to work however you'd like. Let's get started. Add our form to blog posts We need to load our form on single posts. We're using the same field groups we … [Read More...]

ACF front end posting

Front End Posting with Advanced Custom Fields Pro

This tutorial shows you how to build a page template that will allow you to create new posts (or custom post type posts) from the front end of your WordPress website using the powerful Advanced Custom Fields Pro (not free) plugin. This tutorial is working in Genesis, but you can modify it to work in most themes. Part 2 shows you how to edit posts with ACF Pro. There are lots of other cool plugins like Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and Formidable Pro, that allow front end posting, but I … [Read More...]

Show Field Keys in ACF Pro

Show Field Keys in Advanced Custom Fields Pro

When doing some fun stuff with Advanced Custom Fields Pro, we often need to use the field key. Field keys are important because unlike the field title and name, the field key never changes. If you change the field type, title, or name, the key will always stay the same, unless you delete the field itself and create a new one. It's really simple.... In your Dashboard go to Custom Fields > Custom Fields, and choose your field group Click 'Screen Options' at the top right of your browser … [Read More...]

CPT filter by taxonomy

Custom Post Type Filter Admin By Custom Taxonomy

This is a powerful little snippet to allow filtering your post or custom post type by a specific taxonomy term in the WordPress admin. In my use case I had a custom post type for 'Team' members. I then had a custom taxonomy called 'Group' that associated each member with one or more groups within the organization. The client wanted to be able to filter all Team members by Group in the admin. My first thought was to use sortable columns, but that would still require scrolling and possibly … [Read More...]