WordPress Website Design & Development

Today, more than ever, your website is often the only thing between you and a potential client, customer, fan, member or user. Your website design represents, expresses, and sells you.

Whether you need a fully custom website, customizations to a Studiopress Genesis child theme, or your customizing a theme with our Styles add-ons, a professional and high quality website will change how users view and interact with your company, business, organization, group or self.

The Stiz Media will display your content and material in a fresh, functional and organized fashion to keep your users intrigued while giving them the information they want and need. We can offer custom functionality to help solve workflow issues that may be costing you unnecessary time and money.

From the blog

Remove Avatar

Remove Avatar from Genesis Author Box

This quick tutorial (and snippet) allows you to remove the Gravatar/avatar from the Genesis Author Box. I recently posted about adding a widget area to the Genesis Author Box, but this site needed something different. I'm currently working on a website that has a lot of contributors (authors). The site requires authors to remain anonymous but still allow a pseudonym, as well as a really short bio. Given the requirements above, I thought it most fitting to still use the Genesis Author Box, … [Read More...]

ACF local avatars

Use Advanced Custom Fields Pro for Simple, Local Avatars

This tutorial goes through the process of setting up a custom image field for user profiles, disabling Gravatar, and replacing it with local avatars using the ACF field we created. We'll also include a fallback image for users that don't upload one. Let's face it, even though Gravatar is a really great idea, sometimes it's not that great. First of all, it can be quite a cumbersome task getting your website users to set up a Gravatar account. Secondly, Gravatar can slow your site down. Think … [Read More...]

Genesis Author Box Widget Area

Add a Widget Area to Genesis Author Box

There are a few tutorials around that let you customize the Genesis Author Box. They are great if you know exactly what you want to put in your author box. Most of the time you hard-code some content in, or add user meta fields. This tutorial explains how to add a widget area to the author box. This would allow the use of a Simple Social Icons widget (or just about any other widget) in the author box. I didn't want to change anything else either, just add a widget area after the default User … [Read More...]

A really organized life

Genesis Page Templates in a subdirectory

I'm currently building a custom theme/site that has LOTS of page templates. I find that to be the easiest way to make really intricate pages to my custom sites. For more info on how to create a page template, Carrie Dils already has a nice tutorial here. My issue was that I had so many page templates that it was making my custom child theme feel really bloated and disorganized. I tweeted about how I wished I could put my page templates in a subdirectory in my theme and Justin Sainton came to … [Read More...]